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Speakasiaonline.com is a survey driven website, where you can participate in surveys and earn Online!

Why Join in Speak Asia Online?    

Welcome to Speak Asia - Asia’s Largest Community of Sovereign Consumers

As a community of Sovereign Consumers , Speak Asia participates with manufacturers of products and service providers in the following ways :

Infomercials on ezines , Television and Website

Advertisement and Surveys

Product Demonstrations and presentations

Product Sales and product references .

At Speak Asia, we understand your opinion is valuable. You get rewarded for your honest opinion and the time you take out to respond to the surveys of our clients.
You will get to fill up a few surveys every week. All correctly filled up surveys will earn you reward points calculated on a weekly basis. These reward points can be redeemed 30 days after the submission of your survey. These reward points can also be used to buy products and services from us or our affiliates worldwide. But that's not all! You can also earn an extra buck by referring your friends to Speak Asia. Payments will be made as soon as your referrals join us as a panelist.
Working with Speak Asia is perfectly legal. Our online research panels for market research are legally accepted worldwide. And so is our referral program that rewards you for your extra efforts.

Speak Asia Views.

A company which values your opinion Welcome to Speak Asia - Asia's Largest Survey Group

We are Speak Asia - the largest integrated online survey group in the Asian Sub continent. Dynamically driven by the genius of Ms. Haren, Speak Asia is our group's first inroad into the Online Market Research space backed by a well-planned and strategic presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Singapore. Over the years, we envision to be the key player of this fast growing USD 750 million market in Asia. We aspire to cross the benchmark of USD 115 million by 2010-2011. And we believe that the day isn't too far.

                                                       Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd.

                                          Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, #07-68, Ubi Techpark,
                                                          Singapore 408564



Spending millions in designing, manufacturing and marketing doesn't necessarily guarantee a star product. Hence, organizations worldwide prefer to cut their business risk by intelligently investing a fraction of their funds in market research and know what the consumers prefer.

Surveys cut the risk of product failure to a large extent as it enables companies to understand the psyche of their customers. They provide companies with valuable customer information. This, in turn, helps them get an edge over the competition, and come up with successful products and services from time to time.

    In the past, organizations employed market research firms to conduct surveys for their products and services. These agencies, in turn, hired marketing executives who acted as an interface to the prospects. In spite of investing their precious time, these prospects got little or no reimbursements for their valuable opinion. But now, things have changed. We, at Speak Asia, have created a paradigm shift in research by eliminating the need of executives for conducting surveys. We pass on this benefit directly to prospective customers like you. All you need to do is, give us your valuable opinion. And get rewarded. Big Time!

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Compensation Plan in Terms of INDIAN Currency .

Compensation Plan in Terms of INDIAN Currency

“You can earn Income from ` 4,000 (80$) to ` 40,000 (800$) per month” only From Surveys, without referring a single person.

COMPENSATION PLAN:     Plan includes two packages
Life Time Registration
` 1000/-
` 1000/-
` 5000/-
` 10000/-
52 Weeks
52 Weeks
` 350 per week
`1000 per week
Survey Income: For survey income you have to enroll yourself with the company as a premium panelist by paying a subscription amount of ` 11,000 (220$) valid for 52 weeks, in which you will be required to fill up 2 surveys weekly by logging in to company website through your login id and password (which you will get upon your enrollment) and you will be paid ` 1000 (20$) weekly for 52 weeks (Total income in a year = ` 52,000 (1040$).
Virtual Office: - Company also provides you a Virtual office with your login id & password to monitor growth of your business and see your earning details 24/7; you do not have to maintain any records yourself as this is done online for you by the company’s high-tech software.
Referral: – You can earn more by referring this part time work to your friends/ relatives so that they also get benefited and you will get paid for getting them enrolled with the company, thus increasing company’s customer base. For each panel referred by you, you get 10% i.e.  `1000/-(20$) this income is paid on daily basis. (You can refer as many panelists as you can anywhere in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and rest of the world).
Referral Survey Income: – You will also earn Referral survey income of 15% (` 150/- (3$) per panel per week) of survey income of each of your referred panels for 52 weeks (Total Referral survey income in a year from 1 referrer panel will be `150* 52 = ` 7,800 (150$).
Additional Sub panel: – You can increase your income by filling more survey. For this you can add up to 9 sub panels at a rate of ` 10,000 (200$) per sub panel with your main panel. (Total Subscription amount for 10 panels ` 1, 01,000 (2020$)). Then you will get 20 surveys (2 surveys per panel) weekly to fill up you have to work daily 1 hour (or you can work single day in a week for 7 hours and fill- up all 20 surveys) and you will be paid `10,000 (200$) every week for 52 weeks (Total income in a year = ` 5, 20,000 (10400$).
Note:  For Every Sub-panel You Will have New Surveys Not the Same Surveys. For premium panelist you get premium surveys that earn $10 per survey & standard Panelist get standard surveys $3.5 per survey.

For proof Income around the world through speak asia please visit here-:

Payment Proof:

Speak Asia Online Payments.


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How to Join in Speak Asia!

Joining In speak Asia Online Is an Very Simple & Essay Process.

To register, you must pay Rs 11,000 ( Rs 1000 for Registration Pin and Rs 10,000 for Top-Up) for Panelist subscription code.

Select your State & City for make the payments of 11000 INR from the following URL-:

You can make the payments to our Traders-:

Vikash Traders {ICCI-BANK}
Barboune Road Branch {Kolkata}
A/C NO-:627605258906
IFSC Code-: ICI0006276
Email Id-: Speakasiaonline@ymail.com
Name-: Vikash Mundra
contact No-: 9831249469

You can pay by credit card/debit card from a franchisee or purchase the subscription from Surveys Online Today franchisees by making payment through bank. 

                                       ** After making the following payments in any city or state , please send us the Bank Branch Name,Traders Name,Account number,Date of payments.
                                          With your Name,ADDRESS, Contact No, Date of Birth,Current Email Ids,Occupations.

For More please Email me at-: Amitkumargupta.info@gmail.com
                         Contact me at-:  9748124129 

After this process within an Hours  Your Speak Asia username and password will be displayed and mailed to you. 

For Legal Documents of Speak Asia Online Please visit at-:


E-Bulletin...The Perfect equipment to train our panelists.

E-Bulletin...The Perfect equipment to train our panelists

Welcome to Speak Asia - Asia’s Largest Survey Group

Speak Asia Online EZine

The E-Bulletin equips and trains our panelists to achieve the following objectives

  1. Information on new products and services..
  2. Methods for meeting expectations of clients - for ethical and accurate surveys.
  3. Increasing acceptance rate of surveys by clients.
  4. Effective management of panelist business.

Speak Asia Contact Informations.

Contact Us...Frequently ask questions for Speakasiaonline.com Welcome to Speak Asia - Asia’s Largest Survey Group
Speak Asia Online Contact Us
Contact Us
Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd.

Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, #07-68, Ubi Techpark,
Singapore 408564
RCB Number: 200618809D
Phone: 0065-63430887 / 0065-67493743
(Monday to Friday: 7:30 am to 2:30 pm (IST))
Fax: 0065-67422877

For Any Queries
Existing SpeakAsia Panelist : Click Here
New to SpeakAsia : Click Here
Survey Helpline
Phone No.: 91-11-65153885
Open from 10 am - 5 pm (IST) Mon-Fri
This is strictly for Survey Filling Support only.
Sales Support Hotline For India
Phone No.: 91-11-46488000 / 91-11-46170511
Open from 10 am - 6 pm (IST) on all days
Except National & Public holidays